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Your next home loan

We understand that purchasing a home is a major milestone. That’s why we offer flexible and tailored financial solutions to suit you, no matter what your situation. 

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Our services

For over 20 years we have been providing professional advice and guidance to thousands of diverse Australian clients. There is no loan too big or small that we won't assist you with. 

We get it, borrowing money can sometimes be stressful. Let us sort it out for you.

First home buyers

Committing to your first home is exciting but can be nerve-wracking when borrowing from major lenders. We keep the process as simple as possible and deal with any application approval issues for you, so you're in your new home, faster.

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Upgrading family home

As your family grows you're going to want more space, but this can sometimes be a challenge to achieve. We can assist you with debt consolidation to increase cash-flow and reduce costs so you can secure that larger home and live life to the fullest.

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First time investors

Looking to acquire a second property for additional income opportunities? We can provide you with advice and all the information you need prior to applying for investment loans from lenders. We'll ensure your goals align with future finance planning to avoid any unforeseen bumps in the road. 

Property down-sizers

Thinking about retirement? We can help you achieve and maintain a comfortable retiree lifestyle by developing a holistic financial plan prior to selling the family home. 

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Lifestyle changes

There are so many reasons you might need financial support during a significant change in your life. Whether you're relocating for your career, got children on the way or it's simply time for a sea change, we'll relieve the pressures that can arise during major transitions. 

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Property portfolios

Interested in building wealth by growing your property portfolio? Along with sourcing the right lender for multiple acquisitions, developing cash flow management streams and generating funds through investment strategies, we'll empower you with a game plan so you can enjoy life while your investments grow. 

Every home buyer has a unique story.

At Onyx Home Loans we take the time to understand your individual situation to provide you with innovative and reliable financial plans to help you achieve your property dreams, whatever they might be.

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